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Fluke CNX PC3000 wireless adapter 996212

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The Fluke CNX Wireless PC3000 USB PC adaptor, utilising the 2.4GHz ISM band, allows you to view the data from up to 10 modules under 20 metres away on a PC and log data using the software supplied. Data is saved in the .csv format.
Compatible with the following Fluke CNX 3000 Series wireless equipment:and basic kits:
CNX i3000 Basic kit - CNX 3000 wireless multimeter and CNX iFlex current meter and clamp.
CNX t3000 K-type digital thermometer.

For use with all products within the CNX 3000 range.

Supplied with Software for viewing and data logging onto PC or laptop

In addition to live data viewing from up to ten modules you can also log data within each module for later download to help isolate intermittent events or record signal fluctuations over time.

The Fluke CNX 3000 Wireless multimeter can display readings from any three 3 wireless modules, plus the meter measurement, at the same time from up to 20 meters away, on one screen. Add a laptop or PC and review ten measurements at once, remotely.


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